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Air Fried Steak Fries

Air Fried French Fries

Crunchy, flavorful, soft french fries that are oil free? You betcha! My love for my air fryer continues, and these fries are amazing. They’re even better topped with a little Texas Style Queso! This is how we made it:


2 russet potatoes

½ tsp paprika

½ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp salt

Pinch of cayenne

Pepper to taste

1 tbsp water or oil


Cut your potatoes lengthwise, and then into half inch wedges and place in a medium bowl

Add your water or oil and toss to coat. Then add your spices and then toss to coat.

Spray your air fryer lightly with cooking spray and then cook your fries at 400 degrees for 18 minutes tossing halfway through. Let cool, top with all of the cheese of your favorite toppings.

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