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How to Make Coconut Milk

Who knew you could make your own coconut milk from just two ingredients? One of the challenges about living in small-town Mexico is that I can’t find canned coconut milk. It’s expensive to have shipped from Amazon, so I decided to get crafty! The great thing about making your own coconut milk is that there’s no BPA, no preservatives, and it’s cheaper! Let’s dive in!


2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

4 cups water


Soak shredded coconut in hot (but not boiling) water for 1-2 hours.

Blend coconut shreds in soaking water in a high-powered blender.

Strain liquid through a nut milk bag or fine cheesecloth, pressing out all the liquid you can. You’ll be amazed at how much you can squeeze out! This should yield about 3-3 1/2 cups of very delicious coconut milk!

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