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Lavender Yerba Mate Kombucha

The flavor and scent of this kombucha is so subtle and delicious! I went through a lavender cupcake phase a few years ago and bought like 15 pounds of dried lavender flower assuming I would dedicate my whole life to the cupcakes (maybe I still should) and recently found a pound of the flowers while packing. It makes a great kombucha and seemed extra fizzy to me this time. This is how we made it:


1 Scoby

1 cup kombucha starter

6 tbsp Yerba Mate

1/2 cup dried lavender flowers

1 cup organic evaporated cane sugar


Chill 8 cups of water ahead of time.

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. In the meantime, add the yerba mate and lavender into a cotton tea bag. Steep the tea mixture for 10 minutes, then remove your tea and discard the leaves. Mix in your sugar and stir until it is completely evaporated. Pour your tea mixture into a gallon jar and then top with the chilled water.

With a jar thermometer, check the temperature of your water. You want your temperature between 68-84 degrees so you don’t harm your delicate bb scoby.

Once your tea is in the correct temperature range, add in your scoby and starter and give it a gentle stir. Top your container with cotton cloth and seal it with a rubber band. Keep those bugs OUT! Place your container in warm place out of direct sunlight and with good airflow.

Let your kombucha brew for about 7-14 days. Letting your kombucha brew for 14 days will yield a fizzier kombucha and the bacteria will eat more of the sugar so you don’t have to! If you can’t handle a tart kombucha, I would suggest testing a small amount around day 7-9. When it tastes delicious, you should hide it away in the back of your fridge so no one else can find it but you.

Bottle that bucha and don’t forget to save a cup of your starter with your scoby and new little baby scoby for the next time!

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